How to Carry Stripes this Season?

Stripes are one of the most talked about staple as far as men’s fashion is concerned. Call it a boon to the mankind, stripes never go out of style. Moreover, there’s no one mood you need to stick to, with stripes. You can go to work, hit a party or relax at a beach- stripes have it all covered for you. From men casual shirts to formals, from t-shirts to vests, you’ll find them everywhere.

However, with such a wide array of choices, you might often find yourself in a warzone as to how to style it right. Don’t you? So in case you are planning to invest on a new men shirt or you want to style an existing one, here’s your guide to pull it off this season:

If you’re looking for something to wear for a casual day out with your friends or a brunch date probably, this could be your go-to piece. Invest in broad and contrasting stripes. It instantly lifts up the mood and gives you a fresh look. Also, vertical stripes create an illusion, making you look slimmer and taller. You can pick a black and white stripe combo or perhaps a white and blue one. The contrasting colours will make your personality look a lot more vibrant. Pair this cool shirt with solid black denims and you’re good to go.

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Are you a gym freak who’s suddenly obsessed with stripes? But who wears stripes to the gym! Right? Well, you don’t always have to follow the league. Lead the trend by using stripes minimally. Don’t go overboard with an all-over print. Just a touch of stripes here and there can get you where you want to go. For instance, a couple of stripes on the arms of your sweatshirt is just what it takes to pep up your gym outfit with strokes of stripes.

Team this cool sweatshirt with an easy pair of trousers or track pants, and you have the sweat dripping.

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Subtlety sure is the king. Isn’t it? If you’re not an ‘I’m so contrasting loud’ person, then this is where you belong. You need not go all crazy with the colours, because again stripes got you all covered. Choose more complementing colours to soothe your eyes and those of others. Go subtle and minimal with your colour selection. Red and black is one decent combination for you to start with. You can carry this duo with pride to any formal meeting or event. Layer this shirt with a handsome coat or a pullover and you are set for the day. You can also do without a coat by wearing this with a decent pair of trousers.

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As long as men have stripes by their side, they don’t have to look boring. Always have your wardrobe updated by the right kind of stripes and you’ll always pass the test of time with your great dressing sense.

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