4 Chic Women’s Tops to Woo Onlookers This Season

Monsoon is here, and so is everyone excited to manifest their fashion quotient, are you still wondering what you need to put on without compromising with your comfort; yet making onlookers go gaga about your style statement?

DO NOT WORRY! We have got you covered. Read on to uplift your style game further.

Gritstones Yellow Round Neck Printed Top

Monsoon season will be washing away all of the adulterations from the green plantation to its purest color form. This season, bright colors like yellow will play an important role to reflect a sense of joy and contentment in your personality. With this attire, you can create something very unique and yet timeless to spread the vibes of happiness and festivity around yourself. Made with a premium range of cotton fabric this round neck printed top will make your body battle against the itchy humid atmosphere effortlessly. Flaunt those peppy kitty face patterns without a doubt in your mind to show an inexplicable persona of yourself.

Gritstones Black/Grey Melange/Red Round Neck Printed Top

Flash your obsession with these fascinating whimsical patterns. This tricolored women’s top is a perfect illustration to look confident yet experimental without negotiating with their personality. The colors are balanced profusely to ease down the stress level of the observers without any complexity. This top is made of stretchy cotton knit material to make sure you’re wearing a lightweight fabric. The joy of dressing is purely an ART! Let’s be honest here, life is too short for wearing boring clothes! Isn’t it?

Gritstones Red Cut-Out Printed Top

Make cotton the fabric of your home and wardrobe to ease down the body temperature efficiently. Flaunt those shoulders wide with a piece of unique artisanship done with those pretty ribbons on both sides. Fashion is so much more than what you see on the runway. It is an occupation, a habit to look good and an addiction that we don’t mind getting spoiled with. This red cut-out printed top is a real deal one should not ignore. Gritstones finds inspiration in art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people, and music. And for us, fashion is a compilation of all that.

Gritstones Half Sleeve Hooded Printed Top

This ‘GIRL POWER’ half sleeve hooded printed top is a matter of serious affair with gender equality. Hoodies for women rose due to both the fitness/sports obsession we all have these days that go beyond bodies. Hello, gym fashion aka activewear. Any sports clothing these days is so hip and so cool that you just wear it outside the gym as well. Such is the case of the half sleeve hoodies for women of course. By keeping in mind, the comfort level of the wearer; this top is designed in half sleeves and made up of cotton. This temperature friendly half sleeved hooded top is a masterpiece of supreme expertise.

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