Independence Day Outfit Ideas for Men

Every year, on 15th August we are all zealous about our country and patriotism. Along with watching patriotic movies and attending flag hoisting, we’re pumped up about our Independence Day outfits too. However, it’s always a tough call to wear something that goes with the tricolor and is not too loud for the occasion. Moreover, with a platter full of choices, women still find it easier to get their ‘outfit of the day’ in place. But for men, it gets a little too perplexing.

If you are someone who’s confused as to what should be your pick for this Independence Day theme party at the office, here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

  1. The first type of outfit you can put on without a second thought is Indian. Go for ethnic kurta pyjama! You can carry a Saffron kurta with white pyjama. It’ll look subtle while radiating the vibrancy of the Indian flag simultaneously

  2. If you’re trying to go western with your Independence Day outfit, look for online t-shirts for men. Scour through Independence Day collection of different brands. You need not stick rigidly to the tricolor. Pick one color out of the three, the one that speaks the most to you. Following are certain outfit ideas you can consider by teaming up these significantly colored t-shirts in different ways:

If strength and courage are the most important principles for you, Saffron is your color. Pick a decent Saffron t-shirt and pair it with a nice pair of jeans. You can opt for white denim jeans or trousers to make your look more synchronized with the theme.

Click here to explore more:

You can also opt for gradient shades. For instance, Orange that softly blends into White is a great choice for Independence Day. Check it out:

You can also experiment with the Green color if growth and fertility are the values you swear by. Although Green goes a little too loud at times, you can neutralize its effect by adding something minimal to your outfit.

Carry these cool Green tees with khaki pants or light-colored denim. You can add layers to the outfit by carrying a distressed denim jacket over it. Have a look at this trend-savvy Independence Day collection

If you are for peace and truth, do not hesitate to put on a solid white t-shirt or hoodie for the day. You can add colors with a colored pair of bottoms and you’re good to go. Here’s how:

This Independence Day, get creative with your outfits and spread cheer and love through the colors of our nation. Happy Independence Day!

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