Waffle Knit Fabric: All the Rage for Modern Day Tees

Who doesn’t love waffles! Except that the one we are talking about is a highly durable, fast-drying and absorbent woven fabric whose pattern runs either vertically or horizontally or both creating a square design, this square texture though resembles America’s favorite dessert – Waffles!

Waffle knit fabric has many benefits – one of the many is that it can be worn all year round. Besides thermal properties, this fabric boasts versatility, great comfort, and flexibility of style. Due to these properties, waffle tees have become a wardrobe necessity.  They can complement just about everything and look great on everyone from the defiant celebrities to college students and young moms.

Introducing the Waffle Knit Lineup

Full Sleeves Waffle Knit Tees

If you’ve been coveting a basic, yet classic t-shirt, the Long sleeved waffle knit tee collection makes a winning option. These versatile tees come in an easy, relaxed fit and have down to earth feel. Have some fun with your full-sleeves waffle knit collection by pairing them with bold prints, graphic patterns, and colorful designs.

Half Sleeves Waffle Knit Tees

Simple, straightforward short-sleeved tees never go out of style. Add in a textured fabric like a waffle knit and you’ve made yourself a collection to shine all on its own. From college to camping to layering under your hoodies in winters, waffle knit half sleeve tees look best when paired with chinos, shorts, and jeans.

Henley Waffle Knit Tees

Cool and calm is the name of the game, and the Henley in Waffle Knit is MVP. Gritstones crafts the perfect henleys for guys with this waffle knit collection. The new collection focuses on everything from fit to quality construction. You’ll love wearing these for a night out. Wear them as a single layer or underneath a coat/bomber jacket.

No matter what style, color or fit you prefer, there’s a waffle special for every guy out there. Not to mention, waffle knit tees are super soft, cozy, lightweight and luxurious on both sides. So if you’re looking to update your t-shirt collection, then you need to grab yourself some waffle knit – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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