The Ultimate Color Blocking Guide for Men

What do you think about well-dressed men? We’re sure, everything nice. What about those who step out of the usual and experiment with colors? Even better! The color blocking trend has been around for a while now. However, not many people use its edge. Color blocking is basically using blocks of solid colors to create an eye-catchy vibrant look.

Although it’s a play of colors, it’s not about a color war. Two or three colors can do the trick, if you know the right rules. So in case you need to buy color blocking t-shirt anytime soon, you might as well need to have a look at this guide:

1. The first rule has to be the right knowledge of colors. We must know how the color wheel works as it gives us the clarity as to how the colors relate to one another. A basic knowledge could be the information about primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

2. To create a more dramatic and bold impact, you can get as loud as it gets with colors. Choose the boldest color around and amplify your fashion game to the level infinity. Take a super-red t-shirt and pair it with neutral tones.

3. Monochromatic blocking is a very decent way of color blocking. For this all you need to do is take one color and use different tones of it for different layers of your outfit. You can also add a black or a white to a monochromatic color blocking.

4. Neutrals are your fillers. Remember that! You can always back your color blocked outfit with nude/ neutral shades. Use at least two colors though, including these neutrals.

5. If you really want to experiment the ‘Ranveer Singh’ way, do a contrasting blocking. Use the opposite ends of the rainbow colors and club them together. Or perhaps take a t-shirt that has the two contrasting shades. However, this is a very tricky practice and can be unpleasant to look at. To avoid it you can choose a saturated tone of one color with a softer tone of the other color.You can safely buy color blocking t-shirt with these pointers in mind.

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