How Can You Do Wonders with Your T-shirt?

T-shirts are so common that we barely realize how essential they are for all of us. We can’t even imagine anyone’s wardrobe without it. However,we don’t make the best use of those end number of tees we possess. Isn’t that bizarre? It sure is. There are gazillion of online T-shirt shopping brands in India. We’re sure you guys must have been on a ‘buy women T-shirt’ spree every once in a while. But what did you do with those tees? Wore them in the most effortless way possible. Boring!

Here are some ways how women can take their T-shirts out of their closets and make a statement:

1. The casual way

This is how all of us typically wear it. With a basic pair of denims/ shorts, in the most laid back way. This is one casual look, with no efforts whatsoever. Nevertheless, it looks cool and smart carrying it like that. Wear it to the market, to a friend’s place or a relaxing trip.

2. Instagram trending

All of us are aware how trends take off from Instagram. There’s this certain style that you see and feel you’ve been ingesting it a lot from your Instagram feed. T-shirt is an integral part of these trends. Wear it with boyfriend jeans or perhaps high-waist slim fit denims. You’re nailing that women T-shirt girl.

3. T-shirt dress

This is certainly not a ‘discovery of the day’. We all buy oversized T-shirts to feel comfortably good. Don’t we? That’s the T-shirt, you can make a dress of. There are no rules or guidelines for this one. Just wear it like a dress and rock a lunch date with your friends.

4. Comfy Tees

T-shirts are synonymous to comfort. You can literally take all the cool and comfy bottoms and pair it up with any basic T-shirt. Joggers with T-shirt? Hit the gym or go for your dance class. You’re looking dope!

5. Tee your bikini

This one is alluring. T-shirt on a bikini is not what you’ll find many girls doing. But that’s what makes you stand out. Right? So the next time you plan to go to the beach, take you coolest T-shirt along. Wear it over your bikini and knot it maybe?

There are many online T-shirt shopping brands in India. But you might consider checking this one out Happy shopping!

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