Trend Alert: Statement Tees to go with every mood

Every girl has a dozen of these in her closet. She probably bought one because it reflected her thoughts, views or feelings peerlessly, or maybe she just liked being in the limelight that those quirky statements guarantee. You know, different girls, different opinions, and there’s something for everyone out there. Besides statement tees are clean and chic, making them one of the most sought out fashion ensembles for fashionistas.

Here we have handpicked some of the most popular statement tees in Gritstones Fashion Radar. These women tops won’t just turn heads but also serve as conversations starters at your next public appearance.

Girl Power

A perfect pick for a feminist and anyone else you know that’s Feministing. Feminist women t-shirts have been everywhere for a long time but became a street style staple after Dior launched its Feminist tees in Spring/Summer 2017 runway. If you’re too itching to voice your girl power, this one’s gotta do the job for you! In fact, this is one of the best selling in women shirts category and we don’t even need to tell you why.

Style Tip: How would a fashion loving feminist women style her “Girl Power” statement tee? What could be more panache than a polka dot tuxedo or a gold studded pumps?

No Hard Feelings

You know you are too cool to become anyone’s enemy and this t-shirt is going to pass along the messages clearly to both your friends and foes. Available in three tones, this statement tee is perfect to show a bit of your personality in a casual and cool way.

Style Tip: Pair it up with a chic blazer for an office-appropriate ensemble or simply throw a pair of ripped jeans for the weekend getaway look.


There’s nothing more conversation-worthy than a cool and unexpected statement. Such tees are a great option for those who want to attract a lot of attention without really making any effort. The moment you step out in this t-shirt, expect a dozen people ready to strike a conversation with you.

Style Tip: Layer this one under a denim jacket or simply wear it with a pair of culottes. Amplify the look with trendy sneaks to give off a fun, friendly vibe.

May be | May Be Not

You always know what you want to say, and sometimes you don’t! Or maybe you just want to keep the others confused. Whatever your reason for being mysterious is, this t-shirt is going to serve the purpose. Show off your enigmatic personality with this tee and let others keep pondering over your final words.

Style Tip: Whether you choose to wear it with a pair of trousers or a skirt, make sure the bottom is as enigmatic as this t-shirt. We highly recommend suede or leather for the bottom wear, teamed up with ankle length boots. Harley Quinn fan, anyone?

Getting dressed takes on a new significance.

A statement tee is a perfect way to update your wardrobe without spending too much money. From your casual Friday get-togethers to Sunday brunch, statement tees when styled in the right fashion can add comfortable, as well as a confident vibe to your outlook.

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