How to Wear Polo Neck T-Shirts with Style

One cannot just pick up any random polo neck t-shirt, slip it on, and leave. No, sir! These t-shirts represent class and elegance and must be chosen with care and styled right. Want to know what are the dos and don’ts of wearing a polo neck? Read on!

Don’t Wear an Undershirt

Guys wear an undershirt for a number of reasons. It provides an extra layer under sheer clothes, soaks extra sweat, provides comfort, and gives a smoother look. When it comes to polo t-shirts you can – and must – avoid undershirts. Polo t-shirts are made with good quality cotton hence look quite polished on their own. Also, an undershirt may give your polo t-shirt an untidy look by gathering around the collars.

Focus on the Fit

Good quality polo t-shirts are made with high-quality cotton. Hence, they tend to drape pretty well if the size is right. Here’s a tip to help you find out whether the size you’re wearing is right: just stick a finger between your bicep and your sleeve; if you cannot, get a bigger size. Also, if there is too much space, go for a smaller size.

Keep Your Height in Mind

Can you pinch between 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of your stomach? If yes, you’re wearing a perfect polo shirt. Once you’re sorted with the size or fit, notice the length. The shirt should end somewhere between upper to mid crotch; do not go for t-shirts that are shorter if you have a paunch. When it comes to the button placket, don’t make it go further than the top of your armpits.

The hem at the back of your polo t-shirts must not go midway past your buttocks. It will gather in an unflattering manner when tucked in and create a bulky look from the back. Gritstones offers top polo shirts, so you need not worry about the quality or fit.

Don’t Play with Collars

Think your crush finds you too cool when you pop that collar? Well, guess what! Instead of being cool you end up reminding them of every goon they have seen in Bollywood films. When wearing polo t-shirt, focus on keeping your collars clean and ironed. This will add class to your otherwise super casual look and make you look attractive as well.

Polo Shirts with Blazer is a Big No-No

If your idea of smart casuals is a polo t-shirt plus blazer, you really need to read this. Collars of your t-shirts do not look great with the lapels of your blazer, no matter what. So, keep your collared t-shirts for your picnics and blazers for semi-formal or formal occasions. Opt for a basic v-neck or round neck t-shirt, if you must.

Should You Tuck it In?

Thankfully, there is no rule of thumb when it comes to tucking your t-shirts. But, it definitely depends on the overall vibe of your outfit and the occasion. Avoid tucking your t-shirts in with a pair of shorts and consider tucking them in with a pair of chinos or other semi-formal pants.

Whether you’re a polo player, a golfer or just a regular guy addicted to gaming, you need to have at least one polo t-shirt in your wardrobe. Buy T-shirts for men online at Gritstones.

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