5 Easy Ways to Look Dapper in V-Neck T-Shirts

The ‘V’ neckline has become a favorite among men and women alike. And, rightly so! This versatile neckline suits almost every body type as it takes attention away from problem areas and accentuates the right features. So whether you wish to accentuate your toned chest, highlight your shoulders or elongate your torso, v-neck should be your pick. Are you already crazy about this neckline or wish to start experimenting? Here’s your style guide! Let’s check out 5 easy ways to look dapper even in a t-shirt.

1. Don’t be a Misfit

Whether you have 6-pack abs or you’re a plus size guy, an ill-fitted t-shirt will do nothing for you. Instead of accentuating your features, an ill-fitted t-shirt will make your shoulders appear droopy; it will also make your waist look thicker or give your body a disproportionate look.

Plus, it goes without saying, ill-fitted clothes tend to look cheaper, hence you end up with a shabby, unpolished look. Solution? Go for well-fitted t-shirts that are tailored to your size and shape. To buy men’s v-neck t-shirts online in India, Gritstones.com is an excellent option as they offer regular as well as plus sizes.

2. Make Way for Colors

Let’s be honest – no matter how much you love a unique color it might not love you back (relateable much?)! Invest in classic, must-have colors such as black, white, navy and grey. Plus, add a dash of fun to your wardrobes by picking some flattering colors. Choose colors that will add to your skin tone, gel with your personality and suit the season. Luckily, guys with olive skin tone can don and flaunt pretty much every color with ease.

3. Always Choose the Right Fabric

Not all t-shirts are made equal! When it comes to t-shirts, the fabric can make or mar your look, depending on how it fit your body. A cheap fabric may fall flat or cling to the wrong areas; a good-quality fabric will give your body a more attractive look. Since V necklines give your body a slimmer and longer look, the right fabric is actually the key to nailing the style files. Buy t-shirts online for men in various styles and fabrics at Gritstones.

4. Style it Right

Albeit a pair of denim and a v-neck t-shirt form a classic combo, donning just these two won’t do the trick. Make sure you pay a little attention to detail as well. Accessorize but not too heavily to create the right look.

Pick a smart belt and tuck your t-shirt in a little to create a voguish look. Another great tip would be to wear a stylish pair of shoes that gel with the rest of your look. Need we mention that a pair of classic aviators can take your look many notches up within a matter of seconds?

5. Keep the Occasion in Mind

The more you stay away from fashion faux pas the more dapper you’ll look with each passing day. Throw on a blazer over your basic tee to give it a smart-casual look; a waistcoat is another great option. Avoid t-shirts during black-tie or business events to not look out of place.

Nothing can beat the comfort of a nice tee but styling it well can definitely amp up your looks. Follow these tricks and you too can kill with your looks!

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