You must be an avid shopper, maybe online or offline but guess what good clothes aren’t just good enough if not styled properly!

How to match a Henley or a hooded tee or full sleeved shirt or a printed tee! A perfect style guide at GRITSTONES is here to sort your fashion life! You have less to worry about with a casual wear, and can let your imagination run a bit wild. We’re talking loud colours, quoted t-shirts. Well, that works. As long as you’ve matched the combination with your bottom wear, colour, and style, everything will look good.

Fit wise, skinny jeans require a loose tee, say maybe a little baggy, you could shop a bigger size of yours for this. All other trousers (chinos, wide jeans, and shorts) can have an actual fit t-shirt or shirt as per your casual or formal occasion. However, if you’ve considered buying a casual tee over 1500 bucks at price- stop and think: will this actually look good or is worth it? Do I look like a clown? Will it even look the same after 10 – 12 washes?

Talking about the material, you’re not just stuck with one, Gritstones got cotton, glaze, synthetic, jogger material, and a wide range of soft fabrics. Also, woven fabric, studded, printed cloth – there are endless styles out there, so you have no excuse to keep wearing your daily diet of clothing!

You don’t have to match your tee with anything but shoes to slay the look right away, and can choose a bold coloured belt to add a bit of flair to your look. You better choose a tee as per your body type and structure, and it’ll be no problem as Gritstones have got all sizes from ‘s’ to XL, and XXL and other plus sizes as well.

There really are no rules when choosing your casual tee or shirt to rock on that fashion street, and you can be as subtle or as eccentric as you like. Just make sure the size is right and it’s a comfortable fit – so when you sit down your body structure remains in place and doesn’t start to pinch you in the stomach or flab’s or on any other sides.

So, Mr. Shopper! Get set go and shop at and be your own style guide with quirky prints and silhouettes. Happy shopping!

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