Black and Grey t-shirts are unstoppable rises that have made a major wardrobe necessity lately for menswear. Be it a concert night with friends or a nonchalant brunch with family, a BLACK T-SHIRT always works. These monochrome tees have been a rage lately among the young crowd, if you haven’t worn it in the recent season, you wouldn’t have failed to notice that it’s already becoming this generation’s casual to classy wear ensemble. We’ve seen the designers show us different ways to play with these black and grey t-shirts, under a blazer or over rugged jeans to classy pants!

Ever since the athleisure trend has come in the forefront; we’ve seen the world go gaga over it, whether it is the celebs sporting a cool jogger paired with a black quoted tee to their airport looks or the designers scaling it up to their collection on the runway. In the dress-down era of fashion, the posh joggers and designer sneakers are now becoming a wardrobe staple from just being an athletic staple, and this is a clear example of how luxury fashion is influenced by sportswear. This recent Athleisure-pandemonium has made these black and grey t-shirts a must-have for all the young fashion players. We’ve narrowed down the best ways to style a black-grey-white tee and how to make it the most versatile player in your wardrobe!



When you’re out and about casual, just club your monochrome tee with a pair of chinos or casual relaxed fit denim. For shoes, a pair of trainers is the best thing to compliment all your casual looks! If you want to keep it more laid-back then go for a looser fit or XL size, to define the structured neckline and cool attitude and you are ready for a dapper casual look.


As far-fetched as it may seem, a white/black t-shirt/henley can work wonders with formal wear. Get a smart leather jacket, which stands perfect for creating a smart formal look, and pair it with slim fit trousers or denim jeans cropped to the ankle. It can be well worn with a black or grey t-shirt underneath. When it comes to selecting the shoes, a pair of brogues or suede would be just as appropriate. Here you are all set to rage in the fashion world!

Monochrome t-shirts which include- black, grey, and white tees have always been a must-have and the go-to choice for many men, now with so many trends acing our closets, we need to up the game by giving it a twist of mix-and-match. Go about create new looks every day and do tell us what look you’d be sporting this season!

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