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Without any doubt, a pair of jeans and a quirky t-shirt brings out the best in a man.
So if you are a fashion follower and trendy enough to experiment so, why wait! Try it out. New cuts, new colours and new combinations to flaunt out the hidden fashion star in you.
What’s new at Gritstones? You need to find out and shop your best pair in this EOSS sale at amazing offers!

Generally, men prefer the classic round neck t-shirt or collar t-shirt, however, the trend has changed in today’s fashion world for fashion-forward men, tees are the best staple of a man’s casual wardrobe.
They are just not only comfortable and light but also it gives you a trendy look, sauve attitude and a chic vibe from within.
Here are different types of men t-shirts available in the market in every possible color, fit and style. So don’t just go out and buy a plain one, this blog will show the various types of t-shirts that every man should better have in his wardrobe.

1. LONG LINED T-SHIRTS- A little pep up your style with these long lines t-shirts by Gritstones with color blocking and long length to give you peppy look all day long!

2. V NECK- V-necks are kinda attractive and the best part is you not only look smart but you can feel comfortable and easy wearing the same. You can breathe properly, unlike those collared shirts that make you sticky and grumpy because of the top button or a badass as you open the top button to feel the air in.

3. HOODED- This is the new trend that is on board! You can’t miss out on this style. It is cool, classy and definitely looks like full swag.
You can wear this while you hang out with your friends or even while going to the gym!
Isn’t it super cool? Well, I know it is!

4. HENLEY- Hello Henley! Well, these are my personal favorite. They are stylish, cool and not all buttons which makes it even more different, as it has buttons without a collar and just a few, not on the whole shirt. They can come in men’s full sleeve t-shirt or short sleeves as per the season!

5. CAMO PRINT- This is the evergreen print that can never fade. It is as strong as reflected in its name. The print can be worn in all sort of ways- could be a tee or a vest or even a hoodie!

All you need to do is shop at and fill your wardrobe with stylish happiness!

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